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School Rules

Safety: For my own safety and that of others.

  1. I should be careful coming to and going from school
  2. I should always walk while in the school building.
  3. I should always show consideration for other pupils and teachers while going from classroom to classroom/outside for various activities.
  4. I should remain seated at all times in class and while eating lunch
  5. Bring a note of explanation following absences
  6. I should never play rough in the school yard and always show respect for my fellow pupils.
  7. I should never leave the school grounds without the permission of the Principal.
  8. I should never use foul or inappropriate language. I should respect all school property and never cause damage or harm.
  9. I am aware that mobile phones are never permitted in the school.

Caring for myself:

  1. I should respect my property, and myself always keeping my school bag, books and copies in good order.
  2. I should always be in school before the bell rings at 8.50am, and be ready to participate in formal instruction at 9.00am.
  3. I should show respect for my school and be proud to wear the complete school uniform every day.( except P.E days)
  4. I should always be aware of my personal cleanliness.
  5. I should always bring a sensible, nutritional lunch to school and observe the schools “healthy eating policy”.
  6. I should never chew gum.
  7. I should always do my best in school by listening carefully, working as hard as I can and by completing my homework.

Caring for others:

  1. I should be kind and respectful to teachers and fellow pupils by being mannerly and polite, by taking turns and by remaining silent and orderly in my class line.
  2. I should behave well in class so that my fellow pupils and I can learn.
  3. I should always keep my school clean by bringing unfinished food and drinks, cartons, wrappers, etc... Home. I should show respect for the property of my fellow pupils, the school building and grounds.
  4. I should assist in the class-cleaning rota.
  5. I should make a special effort to use good manners particularly with civil greetings e.g. Dia agat ar maidin, Slān leat etc.
  6. Be truthful and honest and friendly at all times, thus obeying our school motto.
  7. Individual Classroom Rules: Each teacher, at the beginning of the school year clearly displays a list of “classroom rules”, appropriate to that class. These must be obeyed.
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