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Guided Reading and Schoolwork

Guided Reading and Schoolwork

Guided Reading

Recently we implemented a relatively new initiative known as “Guided Reading”. As many of our staff has expertise in this area, it was decided that the Special Education Teaching Team together with Class Teachers plan, implement and evaluate this programme, commencing initially with second class pupils. Children work with a dedicated teacher in small groups of up to six students. Each group used texts which were at an appropriate instructional level for that group. In keeping with the principles of the initiative, special emphasis is placed on fluency, phrasing and comprehension. We are delighted with the success of Guided Reading in our school, with many children accelerating their reading attainment levels by years in just a few short months. We look forward to implementing this reading initiative with other classes, as we believe that the benefits are enormous.

This initiative affords us the opportunity to cater for the literacy needs of all pupils, from the struggling to the exceptional reader.

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